Science News and Discoveries · 16. April 2020
As its applications continuously expand in many areas of life, nanotechnology has been receiving increasing attention from all directions. Applications of nanotechnology are so diverse and numerous that sometimes it may be difficult to stay updated with their developments. Read more at:
Science News and Discoveries · 16. April 2020
Natural substances are the foundations of novel therapeutic lead compounds with minimal side effects. This is because of the presence of tremendous biodiversity among plants, animals, marine organisms and microorganisms. The process of drug discovery from natural sources is done with help of advancements such as proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics and genetic modification. Read more at:
Science of Olfaction · 07. March 2020
It is claimed that humans can perceive many thousands of different odorous molecules, termed odorants, and that they can discriminate at least two to three thousand of these. It is also well known that even slight alterations in the structure of an odorant can lead to profound changes in perceived odor quality. One commonly cited example is carvone, whose l- and d-stereoisomers are perceived as spearmint and caraway, respectively. However, more subtle molecular alterations can also generate...
Science News and Discoveries · 07. March 2020
Essential Oils and their Compounds for a Novel Drugs Discovery: