Established by Dr. M. Emerald over 20 years ago, and supported by the carefully selected team of the accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive knowledge and experience in Molecular, Cellular, Systemic Biology, Bio-, Nanotechnology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, as well as Multidisciplinary Research and Business, Phytoceuticals International brings a unique innovative solutions based on the Pure Science, Pioneering Discoveries and Novel Technologies, aiming to improve peoples’ lives and well being by unlocking the full potential of Horticulture and Aquatic Plants, and their bio-active compound. Our company always work with reliable, tested, and professional partners from all over the Globe, and practising principles of the green chemistry, green technologies, phyto-pharmacology, and sustainability in its every science and business application.Plants ingredients and its compounds are used in a variety of Industrial and Medical applications. Herbal Medicines derived from plants are known for a thousands of years and before introduction to the market modern synthetic drugs, they were a great and productive way to alleviate complaints and to cure a several diseases. Modern evidence-based phyto-pharmacology and phyto-therapy is widely used as part of modern pharmacognosy. Phytoceuticals International products and services correspond to the Highest quality standards, and our state-of-the-art scientific Methods are used to formulate and develop  biodegradable, eco-friendly, not tested on animals and free of synthetic additives and preservatives PHYTO-formulations with efficacy, safety and reliability.