At PHYTOCEUTICALS International, one of the leading North American Company based on innovation, discovery and  sustainability, we are reaching the following targets: 

- we formulate and develop a unique bio active complexes for the variety of research, medical and industrial applications with focus on fighting antibiotics resistant pathogens;

- we create and offer biodegradable and Eco-friendly natural drugs delivery systems and molecular bio markers;

- in cooperation with our North American and International partners, we run production of natural ingredients via fermentation and using microbial platform;

- we provide professional analytical, contract manufacturing, pre-clinical and clinical services for a wide range of natural raw ingredients and natural products; 

- we source and distribute top quality rare natural ingredients from the best qualified producers from all over the world; 

- we provide professional consulting and natural products formulation and development services; 

- we create and develop mutually beneficial collaborations, partnerships and creative networks. 

          Our passionate and open to the new solutions interdisciplinary, multicultural research and business team is working very hard towards sustainable future for future generations and our beautiful blue planet. We love our job, and we succeed, because we care!     


                                                                                                                                                   - M. Emerald, PhD., Dr. Sc. Founder & CEO -